Pedagogy Lightning Talks at the ACH AGM

DH pedagogy is of keen interest to many, but we seldom have opportunities to share our best ideas about it, especially in person. To help address this sad situation, the ACH will host a round of Pedagogy Lightning Talks during its annual general meeting at the DH2013 Conference in Nebraska.

We think we’ll all be energized by a fast-moving series of very brief, informal talks devoted to a single exercise, classroom gambit, reading, assignment or project that — or a failure that is equally instructive.

One Slide, One Minute: talks will be one minute long, and we will allow one slide.

The slide can be simple–just your name, a short talk title or the name of your strategy, and contact information. Or you could include a screenshot that shows a site or tool or summarizes a strategy.

No live web demos, due to time constraints, but you can use your slide to point to a screenshot or URL: we’ll be posting the slides online for reference and for those who can’t get to Nebraska.

If you would like to present, please email your slide (in PowerPoint or Pages format) to secretary at ach-dot-org by July 12th. We will combine all the slides into one document and post them online, as well as project them at the AGM itself.

Please consider sharing a great teaching strategy with us in Lincoln! The ACH AGM will be held on Wednesday at lunchtime in the Nebraska Student Union. (Lunch will be served!) And check here for a listing of all of our fun ACH activities at this year’s conference.